How it works

Digital image on glass!

BrazilGlass is a pioneer in this innovative process. Digital printing, in addition to the mechanical strength of tempered glass, provides the recording of any image using ceramic ink that fuses to glass and scanning into four basic colors that blend together for an infinite variety of hues.

Digital Print

Bold and modern designs will have no limits thanks to our printing technology directly on the glass. There are countless advantages compared to the traditional adhesive glued in glass:

  • Control of image transparency
  • Absorption of UV rays
  • Do not fade
  • Ceramic ink without limit of colors (CMYK)
  • Perfect, high resolution printing
  • More securely laminated finish to glass


We have extensive experience in solutions of treated surfaces in glass for the market of architecture, for internal applications, external and mainly in facades of buildings.


Our development team has unparalleled experience in analysis, light resolution, color control and work themes.

We also have stock of photographic and vectorized images so you can choose a custom design.


The installation of the material can be carried out by our qualified team. Brazilglass ensures efficient installation according to all construction standards and safety protocols.

DigitalGlass is a product aimed at designers, architects, marketing and decoration professionals sensitive to cultural and environmental issues. Regardless of the scope of the project, Digital Imaging applications allow the creation of beautiful and sustainable environments that can control image transparency and absorption of UV rays, which provide additional benefits to places such as energy savings and well being in naturally lit spaces.

Photo Gallery

See below some applications made in Digital Glass.