Brazilglass, Best in glass processing.

We are the best and most structured company in the glass industry.

With more than 200 employees, we are located in Ribeirão Pires, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo City, with its own 129166.93 ft² of built area and 807293.28 ft² of preserved area, with a production capacity of 18,000 tons of glass per year.

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Glass Solutions and Technology

Brazilglass is recognized by the market for excellence in processing technology that guarantees safety in any residential or commercial project. It can be Tempered, Laminated, Tempered Laminated or Printed Digitally in various sizes including Jumbo (large sizes). From the bathroom box to the facades of buildings, the certainty of finish quality and durability.

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Comfort Solution for Luminous Comfort

The technological innovations of Brazilglass bring to the market an unsurpassed solution for modern projects that make the most of natural light. Insulated and laminated windows that block the heat coming from solar radiation and keep away the noises that have become part of the daily life of big cities.

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Our inspirational line is perfect for any environment!

Glass is indispensable on fancy environments. Brazilglass Digital Printed Glass provides privacy to all kind of projects. With this technique, glass receives designs and colors and becomes highly resistant, perfect for high quality projects. Our Extra Clear mirrors are synonymous of elegance and Brazilglass' s bezel glasses, with unique lapidation and polishing add a touch of sophistication due to the richness of detail.

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What can we do for you?

Brazilglass laminated glass stands out for its excellence in processing technology and for the safety of our customers.
Brazilglass tempered glass is produced through a modern horizontal oven, free of pincer marks, which makes it possible to produce even the smallest thicknesses and large plates.
Laminated tempered glass is a glass that brings together the two types of two safer glass existing: the tempered model, considered a high resistance material and laminated glass, for special installations where, if broken, it continues in the place without its fragments fall. This glass is composed of two or more tempered glass slides connected together by a PVB or SentryGlas® film.
Brazilglass's technological innovations bring to the market, through insulated glass, an unsurpassed solution for modern projects that aim to make the most of natural light, block the heat from solar radiation and keep away the noises that have become part of the everyday life of big cities.
BrazilGlass is a pioneer in this innovative process. Digital printing, in addition to the mechanical strength of tempered glass, provides the recording of any image using ceramic ink that fuses to glass and scanning into four basic colors that blend together for an infinite variety of hues.
Brazilglass invests constantly in technology, infrastructure and personnel training and has just launched yet another new unit to design and execute façades. Developed with intelligent systems, Brazilglass Façades and Coatings associate glass of varied performances, a set of effective profiles and diversified coatings.
The colored glass is heat-absorbing and can be rolled or tempered. In most specs it is a glass widely used to improve the performance of solar control glass.
In the research of light architecture, glass has a determining role. Glass exerts great influence on the aesthetics, comfort, safety and economy of any building. Their proper performance and versatility are responsible for developing effective and sustainable building solutions.
Synonymous with elegance and considered indispensable in any place, the mirror is ideal for indoor environments such as bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, decorative walls, wardrobe doors, shops, dressing rooms and much more.
It is an extremely transparent glass, without the common greenish tint on the colorless glasses. The highlight is due to its great neutrality and superior light transmission, which transmits more vivid and real colors. It is the only glass that allows a true and natural reproduction of the colors white and pastel when enamelled, varnished or printed.
Bisotte glass is a material that has incredible edge treatment. Through polishing and cutting.
It is a type of glass that receives drawings or colors through Digital Printing. A special paint is used so that the drawing or painting is fixed on the glass. This process is done at high temperature (up to 1292°F), and as a result, the glass undergoes the process of fixing the paint and also the quenching process.

It is not adhesive, it is fingerprint directly on the glass.

Ideal for designers, architects, marketers and decorators.

Bold and modern designs will have no limits thanks to our printing technology directly on the glass. There are countless advantages compared to the traditional adhesive glued to the glass: absorption of UV rays, does not fade, protection of colors, perfect print and high resolution.

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Vidro Jumbo

We are the only company in Brazil working with jumbo glass.

Modern, jumbo glass brings exuberance to designs and a broad view without interference from cutouts and window frames.

And this is another great differential: Brazilglass is the only one in the country to develop all types of glass in size jumbo, that is, 3210 x 6000 mm. Our team realizes the projects of large plates in Glazed, Insulated, Tempered and with Digital Printing.

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