Smart Solutions

Brazilglass's technological innovations bring to the market, through insulated glass, an unsurpassed solution for modern projects that aim to make the most of natural light, block the heat from solar radiation and keep away the noises that have become part of the everyday life of big cities.

The insulation process consists in placing at least two glass slides a dehydrated air chamber or gas, spaced around the perimeter by an aluminum profile filled with a hydrosecant, which ensures the elimination of water vapor, avoiding the foundations.

Check out our processing technology for Insulated Glass:

Our insulated glass is double sealed with the Peter Lisec system: the first seal prevents gas exchange and, secondly, ensures the stability of the assembly.

This system allows the combination of different properties, taking advantage of the characteristic of each one, such as monolithic, laminated or tempered, colorless or colored, reflective and those of low emissivity (low-e).

Main features
  • Excellent luminous and thermal performances maximizing its effect when used in conjunction with solar control glasses;
  • Excellent acoustic performance when scaled based on the indices and noise types characteristic of the surroundings of the building;
  • Can be used as safety glass when compounding with tempered and laminated safety glass.
Insulated Glass with internal shutters
  • Insulated glass microperses between glass add refinement to curtain frames and facades, controlling lighting, reducing the absorption of heat and ensuring total asepsis.
  • Its 0.5 inches blades give light to the frames, contributing to the aesthetic appreciation of the environments.
  • Their drive can be manual, by cord, or button or motorized and allow movements of raise, lower, besides the orientation of the blades.
  • For all this, the microparents of Brazilglass glasses are present in many places and with the most varied uses such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, cleanrooms, schools, offices, hotels, restaurants and residences.