Laminated Tempered Glass: Safety and Style

Laminated tempered glass is a glass that brings together the two types of two safer glass existing: the tempered model, considered a high resistance material and laminated glass, for special installations where, if broken, it continues in the place without its fragments fall. This glass is composed of two or more tempered glass slides connected together by a PVB or SentryGlas® film.

The advantages of this type of safety glass are numerous. The main one of them is the fact of reducing the risks of accidents by having as a characteristic to keep their fragments stuck in their PVB film. This glass has a resistance capacity five times more than ordinary laminated glass of the same thickness. Its main applications are in guardrail, facades, roofs, stair steps, floors and swimming pools.

  • When it is broken, it shatters into numerous small pieces which makes it less susceptible to causing injury to people;
  • 5 times more resistant than ordinary laminated glass (mechanical resistance);
  • Hydrostatic high pressure resistance. Tempered multilaminate with special composition can be used in pool and aquarium displays - for this type of application special calculations (consult a specialized designer) are required;

Performance It can be applied as Tempered Laminate, increasing the mechanical strength of the glass.

Color / Finish Substrates

Color / Finish Substrates: colorless, green, gray, dark green, bronze, blue and extra clear Finishing: industrial or polished stonework - before tempering


Minimum dimension: 3.9 X 9.8 inches
Maximum dimension: 126.3 x 236.2 inches

Our tempering technology is capable of processing low-emissivity glass using the world's most modern tempered glass processing system.