Brazilglass laminated glass stands out for its excellence in processing technology and for the safety of our customers.

The laminated glass is composed of two or more glass sheets, sandwiched by PVB (polyvinyl butyral), colorless or colored.

  • It guarantees security to the patrimony, protecting it against breakage and perforations (depends on design and dimensioning);
  • Acoustic performance;
  • Can be multilaminated;
  • Resistance to hydrostatic high pressure.
  • Tempered multilaminate with special composition can be used in pool and aquarium displays - for this type of application special calculations (consult a specialized designer) are required;
  • Provides control of the solar rays when combined with solar control glasses with different performances;
  • Filters 99.6% of UV rays, thus minimizing fading and aging of furniture and objects without interfering with plant growth.
  • Can be tempered (applied as Tempering Laminate) increasing its mechanical resistance.
  • Reduces the possibility of opening the span in the event of a break, thus reducing the risk of traversing and falling.
Acoustic Performance

Laminated glass is effective in reducing noise because the plastic film (PVB) or the glass sheets themselves dampen the sound of the environment.


Minimum dimension: 9.8 X 19.6 inches.
Maximum dimension: 126.3 x 236.2 inches


Facades of buildings from the first floor in dimensions less than 360.8 feet in relation to the floor / guard / glass coverings / floors and glass stairs.