Give wings to your imagination.

It is a type of glass that receives drawings or colors through Digital Printing. A special paint is used so that the drawing or painting is fixed on the glass. This process is done at high temperature (up to 1292°F), and as a result, the glass undergoes the process of fixing the paint and also the quenching process.

The mechanical strength and versatility characteristics fulfill various functions and assume any appearance.
This process is possible to be applied to glass of various sizes, including Jumbo 126.3 x 236.2 inches

What's your idea? We perform!
  • Safety glass
  • Impact resistant
  • Various color options and designs
Where to use?

Fingerprint glass can be used virtually anywhere because, in addition to safety and comfort, it can be combined with the décor and style of the environment.

  • Facades
  • Room dividers
  • Doors and walls
  • Tables Cabinets