Beauty and efficiency

Brazilglass tempered glass is produced through a modern horizontal oven, free of pincer marks, which makes it possible to produce even the smallest thicknesses and large plates.

The high mechanical strength of tempered glass (5 times greater than ordinary glass of the same thickness) is a consequence of its manufacturing process through a gradual heating that reaches temperatures up to 1292°F (plastic state), followed by a sudden cooling.

The purpose of tempering is to establish high compression stresses in the surface areas of the glass, corresponding to high tensile stresses at the center of the material.

Such stresses cause, in a break caused by abnormal stress, the glass breaks completely resulting in small particles and thus minimizing the risk of deep injury.

Self-supporting, tempered glass achieves large gaps, relieves the use of frames and can be supported only with hardware at its edges, fixed by pressure, in cutouts or holes.

Similarities: Tempered Laminate

Check out our technology in tempering process:

  • Glass without optical distortion
  • No warpage
  • Ability to temper glass - jumbo sheet - 126.3 x 236.2 inches
  • • When it is broken, it shatters into numerous small pieces which makes it less susceptible to causing injury to people;
  • • 5 times more resistant (mechanical resistance);
  • • Can be laminated;
  • • Hydrostatic high pressure resistance. Tempered multilaminate with special composition can be used in pool and aquarium displays - for this type of application special calculations (consult a specialized designer) are required;

It can be applied as Tempered Laminate, increasing the mechanical strength of the glass.

Color / Finish

Substrates: colorless, green, gray, dark green, bronze, blue and extra clear
Finishing: industrial or polished stonework - before tempering


Minimum dimension: 3.9 X 9.8 inches
Maximum dimension: 126.3 x 236.2 inches

Our tempering technology is capable of processing low-emissivity glass using the world's most modern tempered glass processing system.